solución marineros gallegos
The company

The company LUGAR DA VEIGA SLL is constituted in January, 2005 to start up the managerial project ’DAVEIGA responsible production’.

The execution of the technical project of the facilities and the product development ends in April, 2006, date in which we launched the product to the market.

The centre of production

The centre of production LUGAR DA VEIGA has an APCC manual and an Integral Quality Management System certified by Aenor that incorporates the following certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000 and IFS.

Its centre of production is located in the Industrial Estate called ‘Os acivros’ in Chantada (Lugo) and this has a useful area of 1,200 square metres and a capacity of production of 3,000 kilograms of sea biscuits per day.

The process of production is flexible, which allows LUGAR DA VEIGA to work with a wide range of products and to give a rapid response and appropriate to the demands of the different channels of distribution and consumers.


Quality certificates and awards


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Dirección Xeral de Política Rexional (Comisión Europea)

Dirección Xeral de Fondos Comunitarios (Ministerio de Economía e Facenda)

Polígono industrial de Chantada
27500 Chantada (Lugo)
Tel. 982.440.222


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